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Friday, June 23, 2006

Overdrive is going Live--on July 5

Audio Books will be available for download from our library website at www.pburglib.org
  • Where? Look for the "Listen NJNW" icon
  • How? Watch for How-To and FAQ on the website as well as here on Pburg Free, your library blog
  • Why? Because you let us know that you want to put an audio book on your PC and listen to it, or rip it to a CD for the car, or zap it to your pocket-sized MP3 player.
  • What happens next? You will need the barcode number on your library card to "check out" your audio book--free!
  • Oh, yeah? What if I bring it back late? Never happen. When your time is up, the audio book disappears from your PC and flies straight home to us, to be checked out again.


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