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Monday, September 11, 2006

Books You Listen To

  • What are audio books? Basically they are published books, recorded by a professional narrator. At Phillipsburg Library, we buy audio books on cassette tape, on CD, and now as downloadable MP3 files.
  • How do I find them? For books on tape and CD, visit our Catalog. Put in a title, author or keyword, and then "Limit By" the format "Audio Book". For downloadable audio books, just click on the logo below.
  • Why would I listen to a book? It's a way to enjoy the pleasure of reading or learning at times and in places where you can't read a printed book. In the car while commuting, after lights out, in the garden, while exercising...you get the idea.
  • Would I like being read to? Chances are you would. In fact many people tell us that they have favorite narrators. A good narrator adds another dimension to a good book.
  • Is it the whole book, word for word? If it says "unabridged", yes. PFPL buys mostly unabridged audio books.
  • Is it OK to return audio books in the Book Drop? Sure. Best to put them in the purple Audio/Video drop.
  • If I download a book, what can I play it on? You can listen to the book right on the same computer where you have downloaded it, or you can put the book on a pocket-sized MP3 player. Some books can even be copied to CDs. For an FAQ, click on the logo below.
  • Why can't I use my iPod with this service? Our downloadable audio titles use Windows Media DRM copyright protection technology from Microsoft Corporation. Unfortunately the iPod MP3 player does not currently support copyright-protected Windows Media Audio (.wma). We hope that will change in the future.


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