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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open Borrowing

Old Way--Still Good
At Phillipsburg Free Public Library our motto has always been, "If we haven't got it, we'll get it!" By that we mean, if we don't have the book or audio book you want, we will either buy it (if new) or borrow it from another library for you. It's called Inter-Library Loan: www.pburglib.org/illcat.htm You pick your item up here, you return it here. That popular service is still in place, and better than ever.

Plus New Way--Open Borrowing

But many of our readers are commuters, and would prefer to stop at another library and pick up that book, rather than wait for the delivery truck to bring it. Well, now you can BORROW IN PERSON from 150 participating public libraries in northern New Jersey. If you want to add this capability to your membership, just bring your Phillipsburg library card to the Library Desk and ask for an Open Borrowing sticker. Books you borrow from other libraries can be returned to that library, or you can return them to us. If it comes back to us on time, the other library will consider it on time as well.

Where will your sticker be honored? At the library systems of Sussex, Bergen, Middlesex, Morris and Passaic Counties. Sorry, there is no Open Borrowing among libraries within Warren County, and Hunterdon County does not participate . Give us a call at 908-454-3712 or email us at reference_staff@pburglib.org and we'll give you the skinny on the libraries you are interested in.

As always, Warren County township residents have full and free library privileges at Phillipsburg Library, by virtue of the contract between the Town of Phillipsburg and the County of Warren. That doesn't change.

What can you borrow? Almost anything. Each library has its own rules, especially regarding DVDs and new bestsellers--so call before driving. We can point you to the online catalogs, directions and contact info of all the member libraries.