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Friday, May 11, 2007

Postcard Winners

Congratulations to our Postcard Contest Winners, Sharon of Pohatcong Twp. and Alex of Phillipsburg. Here is one of Alex's arresting photos of Steam Locomotive #142. She pulls the Black River / NYS&W Railroad excursion train that leaves from
Phillipsburg, and takes visitors on a journey into the past and present of Warren County. Thanks to Alex and Sharon for capturing our theme, "Our home in Warren County".
Along with other photos and old postcard images that the Library owns, Sharon's and Alex' pictures will form part of a set of postcards that will mark the 85th Anniversary of the Phillipsburg Library. The cards will go on sale by the set this summer, and will also be sold individually at the Library. Why did we decided on a set of postcards? The Phillipsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, Warren County Chamber and the libraries in the County have all received requests from visitors and residents alike--"Where can I get a postcard of (fill in the blank with some part of our beautiful and picturesque area). Not many have been available, up till now.

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